Why XYZ Wave?

X and Y axes refers to the cardinal axes that are used to describe the flat two dimension on the screen. But the Z axis is perpendicular to the screen and it enables us to chart our world in three dimensions. Our technology tracks all three axes to take full advantage of the our motion sensing technology to capture movement and gesture. And to create a wow experience for our consumers.

About the team

We are a new start-up with a bold vision to provide motion sensing technology for consumers to experience eye-popping, yet intuitive, immersive gesture-based interactions. We provide user friendly solutions and products for the out-of-home market. We have a Research Collaboration Agreement with A*STAR's Institute of Infocomm Research to take their cutting edge interactive R&D and put into our commercial products. SPRING Singapore supports our direction and we have been awarded the “Proof-Of-Value” grant under its Technology Commercialisation Enterprise Scheme (TECS).

Company Vision

To craft memorable experiences for consumers through the use of gesture-based interactive solutions. To strive to work closely with our research and commercial partners to bring the best products to the market.

About XYZ

Why use motion sensing technology based interactive solutions?

Engage interactive experiences in a more natural and intuitive way by using the motion of our bodies and hands.

What can we do with our motion sensing technology?

Possible applications:

  • • Engage tourists with interactive map kiosks
  • • Entice consumers with interactive advertising
  • • Control the computerised household with your movement
  • • Play games with your body and movement

The motion interaction space is very exciting and we are proud to be a pioneer in this field. New applications with our motion sensing technology will only be limited by our imagination.

XYZ Wave's Motion Sensing Technology

Interested in knowing more about the technology and exploring the possibilities? Drop us a mail, or call us, to discuss!

XYZ Wave Pte Ltd

15 Hoe Chiang Road
#26-02 Tower Fifteen
Singapore 089316

Fax: 65 6882 3303

Email: info@xyz.com.sg

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XYZ Wave

Latest News

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Singapore-based XYZ Wave developed a gesture-recognition system, that like Microsoft's Kinect, does not require the user to hold a device.

Having a hand in innovation

Imagine a world where you can activate a command with only a simple hand gesture.

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